Professional Installation

Landscape Designs and Installation

Here at ULMCO we understand the importance of combining textures and color in you landscape for the most visual appeal. An aesthetically pleasing landscape adds value and enhances the image and beauty of your home or business. Our main goal is to provide every customer with a unique and elegantly designed landscape!

We offer a variety of landscape installation options. We can install trees, shrubs, plants, hardscapes, lawns, decks, patios, walkways, flagstone, boulders, fire pits, outdoor rooms, and water / lighting features.


Hardscapes, also known as landscape construction, is everything in the landscape that does not require planting. Hardscapes are designed to beautify outdoor space in the same way that planting does. It brings continuity and flow between the house and garden/ lawn, while also maintaining functionality of the area. It allows landscape to become architecture.

Weed Control and Fertilization

Fertilization is an important aspect in plant’s growth and yield. It is also necessary in providing nutrients for a healthy, attractive lawn.

Key Benefits of weed control and fertilization are :

  • A thicker, greener turf
  • Fewer weeds
  • A healthier, more attractive lawn


ULMCO offers Core Aeration! Core Aeration should be done to your lawn annually in either the spring or fall to improve your lawn’s overall health.

Here are some benefits of Core Aeration:

  • Loosens compacted soil and increases the availability of water and nutrients
  • Enhances oxygen levels in the soil, stimulating root growth and enhancing the activity of thatch-decomposing organisms
  • While removing cores of soil, the tines also sever roots, rhizomes and stolons. Grass plants are stimulated to produce new shoots and roots that “fill up” the holes in the lawn and increase the density of the turf
  • Reduces water runoff
  • Increases the lawn’s drought tolerance and improves its overall health


ULMCO offers overseeding! Overseeding can be done in the spring or fall. The best time to overseed is after your lawn has been core aerated. Have ULMCO aerate and over-seed your lawn for one low price! We use the finest quality of premium, weed-free seed. Speciality seed mixes are available upon request. Make your lawn the thickest on the block with over-seeding!

Lawn Renovation

Is your lawn not growing anymore? Do you think you have tried everything? A lawn renovation might be the solution. We take a detailed analysis of your lawn and determine what action is needed to make your lawn lush and green again!

A typical lawn renovation includes:

  • Killing the existing lawn
  • Loosening the top 1 to 2 inches of soil
  • Bring in topsoil and spread it evenly across the area
  • Roll seed into the topsoil
  • Mulch with straw

There is potential for every lawn! Let ULMCO harvest it for you!

Mulch Application

Every garden could always use a little mulch! Why not let ULMCO do the back-breaking work for you. ULMCO uses only the finest, triple shredded mulch on your gardens.

Weeding and bed edging can be done for only a little extra.
contact us for a free estimate!

Planting Services

Do you have plants that need to be planted but can’t find the time? We can help. ULMCO will plant annuals, biennials, perennials, bulbs, shrubs, and trees at affordable prices.